Dental sensor with industry-leading image quality

If you are in the market for a Dental Sensor, mostly you might have common questions in your mind like: how is the image quality? What is the size of the sensor? Is the imaging software is easy to use? Is the price is under my budget?  and warranty & support, than ODI come up with the solution to all your problems.

Global Imaging World are aimed at setting new trends in dentistry by launching technically strong and quality best dental sensor for the money or dental imaging products. In this context, we have

collaboration with many international organizations that are extending quality support for achieving the goal. We have the visionary to bring innovative digital radiology equipment

we have come up with another revolutionary dental x-ray device in India through ODI USB sensor:- Best dental sensor in India. This is one of the finest technologies from Japan brought in by us with the intention to provide the complete digital radiology solution to global dental communities. USB Sensor is the state-of-art technology of Global Imaging World launched to enhance the proficiency and skills of dental professionals internationally. Our qualified researchers and engineers are sincerely working in the direction to bring more and more quality dental X-ray products for the easy and faster diagnosis of a wide range of dental issues.

High Resolution Images:

ODI HD Dental Sensor provides industry-leading image quality, comfort and durability at half the price of other digital sensors. A high-quality digital X-ray sensor delivers excellent contrast and spatial resolution, as well as less graininess. our dental sensors are offering high-performance and crystal clear images with the excellent resolution of more than 20 lp/mm. This is one of best dental sensor or sensing device offers direct plug & play facilities for its utilization. The anatomical design of our dental sensors with round edges is relieving patient during oral imaging process. ODI USB dental sensor utilizes the cutting-edge CMOS APS sensor technology. All this gives you better diagnostic images for better treatment.

Maximum comfort:

of your practice Working side-by-side with radiological products around the world, the Global team has introduced the ODI HD USB Sensor, ODI HD Dental sensors are designed to fit comfortably into a patient’s mouth. a flexible digital intraoral x-ray sensor designed to improve patient comfort which gives your patients a better experience and the better impression.

Easy to use Software:

ODI Dental Software is Designed for small to large businesses in the dental industry with with full functionality that covers every practice need. We serve dental offices of all sizes. We’re empowering dental practices to provide the modern and seamless dental practices and support their 2020 patients demand

Our Dental software comes with the multi-user interface setup which allow multiple user across several computer to user same database and images. The setup is a client server setup where one computer is designated as server and rest of the computer works as client.  Before starting please check that your licensing agreement cover using this application in multi user environment and you have license key for each user\workstation.

Affordable Price:
Now we are offering high quality dental sensors at nearly half of the cost.
How do we do that? We do that by reducing the cost. We are an internet based company. We are selling and shipping the products all over the world, we have cut up the middle-men like vendors, vehicles and buildings we work with our customer directly,  this allows us to offer high- quality dental sensors at an affordable price.

How can ODI help you?

Are you facing any problem on your ODI Dental Imaging setup?, then feel free to contact us we are just a phone call away from you. We have experts in dental imaging, and we’ll always support you with a live representative if a problem with your equipment arises.

Request a online demo or get more information about the ODI HD Dental sensors. Call our customer care team today.