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Teledyne OPG Detector

Xineos Scanning

CMOS dental X-ray detectors delivering high speed, low dose imaging at high resolutions for applications including panoramic and cephalometric x-ray

Teledyne DALSA’s Xineos scanning products serve panoramic Cone Beam CT applications with frame rates of 300 fps or higher to eliminate motion blur, the industry’s lowest electronic noise, and a Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Image quality is limited only by the X-ray source, since Xineos also offers the ability to detect single X-ray photon events.

Flexible and scalable

The Xineos tiling architecture provides the flexibility to build smaller, single tile detectors, or much larger, multi-tile detectors.

The underlying architecture of the Xineos line enables scalability from 15 x 1 cm to 22 x 1 cm for a full range of dental and medical X-ray applications.