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GI Lead Aprons

Lead Aprons


1. Hind (G-101): These are the belt type ergomicaly designed lead aprons for Indian market witha lead equivalence of 3.5mm. the open back allows freedom of movement, maximum flexibility and increased comfort. Available in Blue vinyl.

2. Care velcro (G-201) : These have been smartly designed with bouble colours and are wearable from both sides. They are the maximum selling aprons with lead equivalence of .50mm lead equivalence. Availble in marron and grey color they are worth the money.

3. Ortho (G-301): As the name suggests Ortho lead Aprons with .5 and 1.0 lead equivalence are best suited for surgeons specailly orthopaedicians who are exposed to long duration of X-Ray radiation. their wrap around concept gives complete coverage from the back and the double flap leaved no room wahtsoever for radiaition leakage. ortho featured extra wide shoulders distributing weight over a greater are to reduce fatigue. Available in Dark Red colour.

4. Radiograque (G-401) : These lead aprons come with .5lead equivalence and are most popular with radiologists and radiographers. the lower is joined separetely to give maximum comfort to the sholders and can be detached conveniently as per the requiremnt of the medical personnel. The lower can be used as skirt by female radiographers with the vests and are available in bright red color.

5. Global (G-501): Global .5mm Pb equivalence lead Free Aprons are intoduced once lead was considered a hazardous waste. The lead free attenuatuion effectiveness and desnsity over ranges from diagnostic imaging up tp Cobalt-60 energies (1.2 mev). Choosing appropruate materials for the energy range of intrest can offer improvedattenuation for the same garment weight than the traditional ones. the optimum methodical material used for the everlasting effect is Bi in Global aprons. The Bi absorption edge strongly absorbs at energies above 37.4 Kev, but with dramatic increase in efficiency below the edge.

6. Xtra Care (G-601) : A.5mm lead equivalence lead aprons Xtra Care is an artisan design noted for it’s durability. Wherein the thyroid has been permanently attached to the Care velcro (G-201) Lead Apron. It gived complete front protection to the medical personnel and is available in Dark Green Color.