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Varex Collimator

CLCM 005 X-Ray Collimator

CLCM 005 is a Square-Field, multi-layer, X-Ray Collimator. Lightweight and compact, ideally suited for installation on mobile or fixed X-Ray equipment. Mounting plane at 80mm (3.14�) from the focus.


The x-ray field is defined by 6 pairs of shutters, four of which are lead-lined. The six pairs of shutter move perpendicularly within the x-ray field. Two pairs of bronze shutters are located near the focus, two are located near the entrance window and two are located near the exit window of the x-ray beam from the collimator. The latter shutters serve to accurately define the x-ray field edges.

Shutter movements are manual and controlled by two knobs silk-screened into the Lexan window and projected on the light field by the light beam.

To activate the light field, press the area marked with the light symbol on the front of the device. The light will switch ON for 30 seconds and an electronic timer will switch the lamp OFF automatically.

Average illumination is not less than 160 LUX; edge contrast ratio is minimum 4:1. Field size at the different Focus Film Distance (FFD- SID) settings is shown on the front panel.

Features :

  • External adjustment of mirror angulation
  • High luminosity provided by a quartz iodide lamp
  • Timer limiting projection lamp exposure time to 30 seconds thus extending lamp life by preventing overheating
  • Radiation shielding: 125kVp – 4mA
  • Minimum inherent filtration 2 mm aluminum equivalent (1 mm on request)
  • Continuous film coverage from Min. 00 x 00 cm to Max. 43 x 43 cm at 100 cm FFD (SID)

Optional Items:

  • Mounting flange, leaded fixed type, 20 mm thickness
  • Spacers, iron, 1.5 mm thickness for mounting flange
  • Mounting flange, rotating type, diam 136, 18 mm thickness
  • Mirror, 0.8 mm thickness – 1mm Al equivalent
  • Single laser for collimator alignment with Potter Bucky
  • Spacers, x-ray focus/patient
  • Lead protection for external cover: 150kVp
  • Upper cover for installation on fixed or rotating anode x-ray tubes

on the collimator front panel.

The square-field X-Ray beam Limiting Device is designed for installation on rotating or fixed anode X-Ray tubes (EN 60601-1-3 par 29.202.3); manual controls provide for the adjustment of the X-Ray field dimension to the size of the image receptor or to that of the anatomical area of interest.

Adjustment to the area under investigation is possible by using the knobs on the front panel.

Direct visualisation of the X-Ray field is provided by a light beam which corresponds to the x-ray beam, within a tolerance of two percent of the selected FFD (SID) value. The light-field centre is provided by the intersection of two perpendicular lines.

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