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Toshiba Intensifying screen

Intensifying screen and Cassettes

Intensifying screens are a major component of the image receptors used in conventional radiography. Its function is to convert the X-rays into visible light through the process of fluorescence.

Intensifying screens are made of materials that transform x-rays into light and for channeling the light towards specific areas of the film preventing uncontrolled diffusion and scattering

Intensifying screens are made of highly sensitive phosphors and used with photo fluorography. When we are X-ray, they reduce irradiation to one hundredth of the ordinal irradiation without intensifying screens.

Toshiba Intensifying screen


  • Our intensifying screens have high sensitivity and high sharpness by our technology that makes a high-density phosphor layer and prepares optimal grain size distribution.
  • Sensitivity and sharpness are further improved by our structural designing that ensures effective light reflection and X-ray absorption characteristics.
  • The surfaces of intensifying screens are protected with a special film to prevent darts and scars and to render handling easy.

Types and phosphor materials of intensifying screens

  • Types and phosphor materials of intensifying screens
    TO-type screens use gadolinium oxisulfide with terbium (Gd2O2S:Tb) for orhto-type phosphor emitting green light. (Toshiba Ortho Type)
  • E- and D-type screens use calcium tungstate (CaWO4) emitting blue light.
  • Q-type screens use barium fluoro chloride with europium (BaFCl:Eu) emitting blue light


  1. Adopts special plastic connecting angles, anti-pounding
  2. It is contacted evenly with its specially made high-elasticity
    sponge pad
  3. Imaging stably and clearly
  4. The imaging layer is clear as well
  5. The sponge pad is specially treated
  6. It can protect the intensifying screen not to be damaged
  7. Adopts the entire plane grid chart testing technique to insure
    the quality of products


  1. 7 x 17.8cm (5 x 7″)
  2. 3 x 25.4cm (8 x 10″)
  3. 4 x 30.5cm (10 x 12″)
  4. 9 x 35.6cm (11 x 14″)
  5. 5 x 38.1cm (12 x 15″)
  6. 6 x 35.6cm (14 x 14″)
  7. 6 x 43.2cm (14 x 17″)