1. Core Radiation Shielding Materials:

We use Lead composite vinyl as a shielding material in our Lead Aprons it’s mixed with binders and additives to make the lead (Pb) flexible to wear which declares that our lead aprons are Best lead Apron in India. It is the best combination of weight, radiation protection and economy in comparison to the other lead aprons available on the market.

Global Lead composite x-ray aprons are a lead-based alloy and can attain weight depletion of up to 25% in comparison to other lead aprons of the same size, style and lead equivalency this feature add value to our aim to develop the lightest or best lead apron in India.

2. Available with Multiple Coverage Protection Options:

Our Aprons are available with multiple coverage protection options. Basically there are 3 options available such as front protection, front/back protection or wrap-around, and quick-drop.

a)     Front Protection: Front protection lead apron style is useful for those who only require front-protection during procedures. It provides complete front protection to the medical personnel. This is the most popular model among the radiologists and radiographers. These aprons allows freedom of movement, maximum flexibility and increased comfort which make this apron one of the Best lead Apron in India.

Available front protection Pb equivalent:

·        0.25 mm

·        0.35 mm

·        0.50 mm

b)     Front/Back(Wrap-around): Front/Back protection or Wrap around aprons are useful for those professionals who circulates  and will have their back to the radiation source like surgeons specially orthopedician who are exposed to long duration of X-Ray radiation.

Available front and back  protection Pb  equivalent:

·        0.5 mm/0.25mm

·        0.35 mm/0.25mm

Below listed standard features make our wrap around lead apron the Best lead apron in India

·        Lightweight X-ray apron design

·        Shoulder pads

·        Extra wide shoulders distributes the weight over a greater area to reduce fatigue reduce fatigue and upper back stress.

·        Adjustable belt allows medical personnel to adjust the lead apron according to their width of the body and comfort level.

c)      Quick-Drop: The third one is quick- drop x-ray apron, these aprons are specially designed for the surgeons who need to remove the aprons quickly without breaking the sterile area.

3. Comfortable Design:

Global Imaging light weight lead aprons for radiation protection are widely used for long x-ray procedures. Our GIRV comfort wear apron has been designed to distribute the weight of the garment across the wearer’s back, thus reducing the shoulder fatigue commonly associated with radiation protection aprons. Built-in shoulder pads offer additional comfort. This super comfort design make our x ray apron one of the Best lead apron in India.

4. Maximum Protection:

Complete Frontal Protection:

Global’s radiation protection lightweight x ray aprons are suitable where protection is required to the front only. Multiple range of pb equivalency  for 0.25 mm to 0.50 mm  and its supper design with 100 CM sufficient length and 60 CM width covers the complete front area  which protects the  wearer from possible  hazardous  of harmful rays during x-ray procedures.

wrap around lead apron:

Our full  Wrap-Around Apron offers the best combination of protection and free movement and is comfortable, attractive and easy to use and handle.

Global wrap around aprons are secured via velcro straps and provides maximum radiation protection which reduces back fatigue during long procedures. Our wrap around lead apron offers a full.52 mm protective lead equivalency in front and .28 mm in the back which ensures that this is the Best lead apron in India market offering sufficient level of radiation protection to the medical personnel or radiographer.