digital intraoral x-ray sensor is a little device used to take x-ray images within the mouth. The detector captures the images and send it to the monitor for process then the digital image is made that is visible on the screen. It turn out clear image than typical X-ray film. it’s widely known as RVG (Radio Visio Graphy) by dental professionals. This merchandise is one among the newest imaging technologies within the world of odontology that’s why it helps Dentists to perform the diagnosis in the minimum time giving smallest exposure to the patient and show the digital image in minimum time attainable. These small intraoral x-ray imaging sensors are designed to fit comfortably into a patient’s mouth

ODI HD Dental Sensor

When it involves the extent in which digital radiographic pictures are often utilized in dentistry, digital intraoral sensors offer clinicians even additional facilities. With higher resolution, considerably reduced radiation to the patient, the power to zoom into the elements of the image and add filters for improved diagnostic capability is provided to practitioner using fully featured software.

Providing high resolution digital x-rays at nearly half the cost of competitor dental sensors in the market, ODI Dental Sensors options CMOS imaging chips capable of 20 theoretical statue maker pairs per metric linear unit. Due to its slim style and rounded corner design it provides maximum comfort for patients and easier positioning for Dentists. The sensors embody powerful imaging software package that’s capable of operating with sensors from alternative brands with the help of Twain Driver. The complete setup of the powerful features makes ODI the Best dental sensor in India.


  • Latest paradigm of intraoral sensor
  • Direct plug and play sensor
  • State of art CIMOS APS technology ensures excellent image
  • True resolution of 20lp/mm
  • Water resistant sensor with rounded edges
  • The first sensor with repairable cable

Technical Specifications:

  • Detector Technology: CMOS sensing element with Structured small Columnar Fiber Optic Scintillator
  • Dental Sensor Dimensions: 35 mm x 25 mm x 5 mm with rounded corners
  • Pixel size: 20 × 20 μm range of effective Pixels: a thousand x 1500 pixels
  • High resolution: 20 Lp/mm typ
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Auto Stand mode for power saving: Yes

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