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Schott Leadglass

Lead Glasses

Our lead glass is being melted in platinum tank by continuous melting technology. Our Lead glasses are the only glasses which are 8 mm thick and can give you a 2.2 mm lead equivalence protection. Customers who want to use IEC standardized glasses from Oxfordshire which also stick to the BARC standards are assured that by buying our glasses, they would get good quality product with no visible bubbles, inclusion, scratch, sleeks or vein by observation. Corning Leadglasses have high barium and lead for optimum protection and neutral appearance. The application include: Viewing Windows for CT Scan Rooms, Screens for medical diagnostics, Protection windows in Laboratories, Lenses for Safety Goggles and Airport Security X-Ray Screens.

The shielding property of Corning Leadglass is as below in the chart provided: