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It is now clear that the entire landscape of dentistry
will change following COVID-19. It has forced
the dental profession to revisit its entire infection
con-trol method and policy and no doubt there
will be significant policy changes in the wake of
this crisis. A return to evidence based clinical
practice in infec-tion control would be welcomed,
and at Global Imaging we have believed since our
conception that one of the biggest failings in
infection control within healthcare settings is in
dealing with the air. It is common prac-tice to wipe
down all surfaces following a procedure but nothing
is done about the route of transmission to these
surfaces, the air. It is established in medical
literature that organic matter can be located as far as
3-4 m away from the origin and can be detected over
24 hours post treatment. With air flow being a key
component to our technologies efficiency, we aim to
create an undetectable air flow which draws contaminated air away from the operators breathing
zone towards the virus killer to then flow clean air
back into the operator and assistant’s breathing
zones. We believe it is only a matter of time before
regulatory change will and should be imposed
on surgery air quality to protect staff and patients.